The Split and Mix Method of Teaching Free Report

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This week’s free report is really for the cardio junkies out there. What I have done is taken a chapter out of my Choreography Skills Volume 2 coures and allow you to download this for free.

This report is detailing one of the teaching methods that I am known for which is the split and mix method which is suitable for step and aerobics. Within this report you will get;

1. An explanation of the split and mix method of teaching

2. Practical explanations of how to put these methods into practice.

3. Example 12 and 24 count combinations that you can take away, practice and use.

4. Homework for you to perfect this technique and be an instructor that will stand head and shoulders over everyone else.

All this is available for you free, and is ready to download straight way. All I ask is that you submit any questions or comments in the box below.

To get your Split and Mix Report Please click here



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  • Jo Brown

    Ye- hehey!!! Just in time for my new routines , Thanks Lincoln!!!

    Will try and get my head around all the splitting and mixing. My classes will probably be slightly confused at first as well because I’ve always done 32 count blocks and repeated them.

    It’ll be good for all of us to have a change!

    Thanks again!


  • admin

    No worries. it is confusing at first but if you stick with it, you will get lots of mileage from your routines. Please contact me if you have any questions about it.