So what do you get for your Metabolic Effect license fee?

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A lot of group exercise instructors have expressed concern about paying a license fee for the Metabolic Effect Group Exercise Certification. So I thought that the best thing to do would be to make a very short video to show what is inside the Metabolic Effect instructor portal. Click the play button to see for yourself

Click here to find out more details about this certification or to reserve your place on the next courses

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  • test
  • Jillybean

    Thanks Linx – your a legend for all this hard work 🙂

  • Fi

    Thanks for this Lincoln, It’ll be worth every penny. Access to all “that” for £20, what can you get for that these days (not much). All that Marketing material, Lecture’s, Webinars…..takes all the hard work off us as instructors too. Can’t wait to get certified.

  • admin

    I agree, bargain 🙂