Fitness Instructors Please Help Me Raise Money For The Japan Tsunami Appeal

Today I am asking all fitness instructors, group exercise instructors, personal trainers and wellness coaches to help me raise money for this horrible catastrophe that has happened in Japan.

When it happened I contacted Japan Presenter and International Fitness Showcase Favourite Kanae Takegahara, to check that she was ok. This was her reply;

Thank you for your email.
You saw the news about strong earthquake and Tsunami.
The day which we had the earthquake I was in the fitness gym.
The building was shaking very very strongly and long.
I was scared.
It was my first time to have such a big and strong earthquake in my life.
All trains were stopped,so I decide to go home by walk.
I was walking walking…more than 4 hours at night.
But there were many people like me.
I got home at 1:30 midnight.
When I got in my room…
Oh my god! My room was messy.
I had to clean up my room. 
My family is living near hypocenter but they are not living near the sea.
So they are ok.
Many people died because of Tsunami.
Tsunami was HUGE!!!   
The TV said more than 10000 people died in this earthquake.
We still have some aftershock everyday.
Electricty is not enough so we have planned blackout before power cut.
So our life is unstable.
But we will be not be over come!!”
So I am asking all instructors to put differences, egos etc to one side and help me raise money for this cause.  I have created an offer of a 50% reduction to gain access to my recent online Fat Loss Summit Video, Mp3 and Transcriptions, and ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE JAPAN TSUNAMI APPEAL FUND.
Please watch the video, and see the offer that I am proposing by clicking this link;
Thanks for your time in reading this.  Please add your thoughts/comments below and also it would help me loads if you could pass this post to other instructors that you feel would like to help
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