How To Run Your Own Weight Management Business Easily

In our slumping economy we have to look at the problems and try to fix them. This can be done by helping people lose weight. Being overweight is costing the economy millions  every year. It causes the health care system to be overstressed and brought into disrepair. So one simple thing you can do to help the situation is to help others lose weight. We are in major need of people that can help others live in a healthy and productive way. Also as a group exercise instructor it is a useful way to add another income stream, in an easy, effective way.

Being overweight causes decreased economic production and adds a big strain to the health care system and economy. Therefore one strategy could be to approach local businesses and offer to run a weight management course with their employees, on a weekly basis.  Depending on their facilities, you could offer an group exercise class as part of the package.

 A healthy person has less sick days and also is going to work more and get allot more accomplished. So it is to local business’s advantage to help entrepreneurs start a business that will help the people and economy at the same time. So getting started is easy and simple and the market for people that want to lose weight is absolutely huge worldwide.

A weight management program can either run for either 6 or 8 weeks, and run once or twice a week.  It can be an educational hour, with homework set for specific tasks, with a review.  Alternatively you could easily focus on the exercise portion, and then have a review element at the end of the sessions.  The choice really is yours.

What you can be sure of is that running a weight management business alongside your main classes will help you get results for your clients/class participants a lot quicker than just from exercise alone.

So what do you need for a successful weight management business?

In my experience you need the following;

1. Scheme of work so that you know exactly what you are covering each week

2. Lesson plans so that each session is broken down, to relieve the stress of knowing what you are going to teach each time.

3. Handouts to supplemement the theories that you are teaching within each lesson

4. Resources such as goal setting forms, before and after sheets and food diaries, so that your clients can track their progress and also stay motivated to keep going on the program.

Having the above means that you can run courses on a consistent basis. And considering that you can charge between £100 – £150 for an 8 week course, this really can add to a group exercise instructor’s bottom line.

However the one thing that many instructors do not have is the time to create the resources that have been mentioned above.

Fortunately, if you are considering including a Weight Management Course as part of your business, then you do not have to as I have created all of that and a lot more, so all you need to do is get the clients and you are good to go!

If you want to see what is included in my Weight Management Business In A Box then please click here.

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