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As a fitness instructor we all know that conditioning and stretch classes are always popular, especially at this time of the year when everyone is in full New Years Resolution mode.

I have always tried to find new ways to make conditioning exercises/routines functional, effective and innovative.  For example, check out this exercise that you put straight into your classes

Anyway as a treat for you, I am giving you permission to download this report which you can use for your clients and class participants.  You will get beginners, intermediates and advanced routines.

All that I ask is that you leave a comment to let me know what you think of the report.

You can download your free conditioning report here

Please remember to leave any comments/questions below

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  • Carmy

    Great body conditioning stuff Lincoln. Thanks I will file under my useful exercise folder

  • admin

    You are more than welcome. Please forward this page to anyone else that you think would like it, and let me know if I can provide any more reports like this that will help.

    Thanks again


  • Kate

    Great ideas to use in my classes. Thanks

  • admin

    No problem. Keep on the look out as there will be more reports coming.



  • Hannah

    Fantastic body conditioning moves Lincoln – great to see some new stuff – thanks!

  • admin

    No problem, pleasure. There is loads more where that came from in the body conditioning/mind body bundle. Make sure you check that out

    Thanks again


  • Susan

    thanx for all the ideas and photos. Great for putting new exercise routines and plans together x

  • admin

    No problem, watch out for the next one this week.


  • Jo Brown

    Hi Linx

    Wow, what a fab download! Thanks so much, I’m always needing new conditioning ideas, but always find myself in the step and hi-lo rooms at events!

    Thanks again, you’re a star


  • admin

    No problem Jo, watch out tomorrow as have something else for you, especially as you like your hi/lo and step

    Thanks for the comment


  • SUE

    Brill download with some great idea and combination of old school, with yoga/pilates



  • admin

    Thanks Sue for taking the time to comment. If there is anything else that you need, or you have any questions, please fire away!

  • Angela

    Hi Lincon

    That is a great download, sometimes get stuck for ideas so just what I needed.