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I have been getting quite a few emails asking about specific details for my up and coming Online Fat Loss Summit.  So I thought that I would put everything together and answer the most common questions here;

What is the online fat loss summit?

It is a 2 day event where 11 top experts on Fat Loss training and nutrition will give presentations on a variety of fat loss topics. All of these presentations will be online so you will be able to watch them from the comfort of your computer.

Why should I register?

The presentations will feature the most current up to date information from people that actively work with clients to help them lose weight.  On watching these presentations you will have vital knowledge, exercises and resources to help your clients or class participants lose weight more effectively. This will obviously help them to be loyal customers and earn you more money!

When will it be held?

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th January


Who are these fat loss experts?

Dr Jade Teta(US), Jill Coleman (US), Dr Bryan Walsh (US), Paul Mort (UK), Jon Le Tocq (UK), Kim Ingleby (UK), Charlotte Ord (UK), Sally Whitman (UK), Marvin Burton (UK), Noel Lyons (UK), Nick Grantham (UK)

How long are the presentations?


To make sure that there is no “filler” content, the presentations are of mixed length.  The longest will be 70 minutes the shortest 25.  The aim is to provide as much value and content within the given time frame.

What are the presentation topics?

  • Metabolic Effect and Fat Loss
  • Athletic Training For Fat Loss (including a free 28 day fat loss training program)
  • Female Specific Fat Loss (including supplementation strategies)
  • Physiology of fat loss
  • NLP and Fat Loss
  • Biotyping For Fat Loss
  • 10 Female Fat Loss Tips
  • 6 Essential Components of a balanced fat loss program
  • Why and how your clients set themselves for fat loss failure
  • Triple your hourly rate as a weight loss coach
  • Functional Training and Fat Loss

What happens if I cannot make the dates or do not want to sit in front of my computer for 2 days?

I will post the replay of ALL presentations on Monday 31st January, for 24 hours, so that you can watch the presentation(s) of your choice.

How much is access to this event?

The massive total of £6.47 ($9.99), to watch all of the presentations

Will I be able to download the presentations to my computer?

After you pay to watch the videos, you will have the option of upgrading your order to have the ability to

(1) Download the videos to your computer AND iphone/Ipad if you have it. 

(2) Download the mp3 audios of the event

(3) Download the transcripts/handouts of each presentation.

So you will be able to access this amazing information whenever and however you want.

Will this event be repeated?


Who is this event for?

Group Exercise Instructors and Personal Trainers

So how do I book and find out more?

That’ s easy just click here


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    Really informative post.I’ll definitely gonna check it and use it.Hope it will prove to be helpful in losing body fats quickly.

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    This should be on the FAQ page. Most of the people ask these type of questions. Even i have some of them in my mind. And this post cleras them out.

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