Split and Mix Method Of Teaching- A Group Exercise Free Gift

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As I was going through various files on my desktop, I came across this ebook, that I created, which is part of my choreography skills volume 2 manual.  It covers a freestyle teaching technique that I have become known for, especially with step.

It is called split and mix, and it is a great way of using simple combinations, but mixing them up and creating unique interesting routines that everyone, can get.  it is great fun to teach and is pretty much stress free.

In this little ebook I cover;

  1. what split and mix is and how you teach it
  2. I give you 4 12 count blocks of choreography that you can use and practice with
  3. I give you 3, 24 count blocks of choreography that you can use and practice.
  4. Various homework tasks that you can use.

And what is even better, it is free for you to download!! All that I ask is that you add a comment, or press the like button if you find it useful!

To get your Split and Mix Free Gift, click here




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