Your Fitness Plan B

The recent cold weather, really did raise a few finance issues for group exercise instructors, judging by the amount of posts on Facebook, which said something like,” wrap up warm campers.  Although there are 10 inches of snow and it is minus 20 degrees, bootcamp is still on!”


Ok so maybe I am telling a little white lie, but I am actually not that far off the truth.  It just highlighted to me that it seemed that a lot of instructors, had put all their eggs into one basket, which, if something happened to that basket, those eggs would fall out and crack.  Other instructors I am sure lost income because people could not get to their classes.  That is not the best business or financial strategy, as I am sure your bank statement will tell you.


I learnt this the hard way when I was really busy with classes and presenting I went skiing and dislocated my shoulder(duh).  This resulted in serious loss of income, and I even had to resort to presenting at Brean sands with my arm in a sling!  Not a good look, trust me!


So what can you do?  Well there are loads of things that you can do but I will focus today on strategies to leverage your time so that if something like this happens then you do not lose too much money.


Leveraging your time.


Many instructors fall into the habit of trading time for money, ie teaching 10 classes per week for £20/class.  As you can see this severely limits the amount that you can earn.  Even if you run your own classes, if you teach them, you are still trading your time for money earnt.  As some of you found out, if nature decides to have a bad day, via snowing or floods then this can affect your bottom line.


So what can you do?  Well you can consider trying some of the following;


(1) Creating a DVD of the month program.- Really easy to do and inexpensive.  You can film a workout with a flip camera, upload it to a service such as with some graphics and voila, every time someone orders your dvd, Kundaki prints it, produces it and sends it to your clients without you having to do anything.  Cool eh? One US personal trainer combines his DVD so that half of it is a workout and half is of him cooking a healthy meal from scratch.


(2)You could be a nutritional supplement distributer – Trainers are always recommending their clients taking supplements to aid their workouts.  So rather than them going to the nearest Holland and Barrats to get them, why not make some income from this service.  There are many to choose from, and some do the whole service for you, ie taking orders and delivering so you do not have to deal with any stock. is such a company.  Although it is US based, the supplements are good quality and they give you your own website to sell supplements from.  Whatever one you choose make sure that you do your research and are happy recommending them to your clients.


(3) Offer online coaching via phone/skype.  This is really easy to do.  Phone consultations can be done by using a conference service such as you and your client/s dial into a number and you conduct your call.  You can even record the conversation so that the client can review the goals set at a later date.  For those that want a slightly personal touch Skype is brilliant (can cheap).


(4) Making more use of your website.  Gone are the days of websites being used just as online brochures.  You should try to use your site as a way to promote your offers (such as dvds, workouts, video downloads etc) or other people’s products, so you become an affiliate.  If you go to and sign up, you will see many health and fitness products that will compliment your business that you can promote on your site.  For every order that is purchased from your link (the product can be an ebook, video course etc) you then get a commission.  Over time this affiliate income can provide a reasonable amount.


Another thing that you can do with your site is to create a private members area, where people pay to gain access to additional workouts, articles, videos, forums etc.  Web technology has changed so that this process is really easy, and is a great way to add an income stream to your business. I personally use a service called Which works with my wordpress site really well. Doing this properly is a massive area, too big for this article, but it is definitely worth a mention here


Now I am not saying that all of this can be done overnight, and I am definitely not saying that implementing all of the above will make you a millionaire.  But what I am saying is that if you can think about implementing 1 or 2 of these strategies then you are protecting your fitness income more in case of bad weather or personal injury.

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