Fitness Presenting, What does it mean to me?

This is a question that I do get asked more often  than not. I must admit initially the prospect of being up on a stage in front of a lot of people loving my work was probably the main reason I decided to follow this path.  However the longer I have been doing this the more I have realised that there is a whole lot more to what we do.  I think the best way to describe what presenting means to me is to actually use the word as an acronym.  So for me, to PRESENT means the following

P          Passion, Personality
R          Reaching Out to the masses
E          Educating
S          Self development
E          Entertainer
N          Networker
T          Teaching Skills

I do not believe that you can present, or teach classes if you do not have passion for the industry that you are in, or the personality that goes with the job.  If you look at all the presenters in the Works team you will agree that they all have their own unique personality, that carries through to all the sessions that they teach.  I have realised that a masterclass is a lot more than giving loads of choreography. I feel the best sessions are ones where the presenter is giving a little insight into their personality and showing a little bit of them.  This leads me onto the next quality…..

Being able to Reach out to the masses. This is again something that I have learnt along the way. Again a presenter should be able and willing to teach classes that appeal to the talented, skilful few, but also reach out to the new to exercisers, as those could be our level 3 participants of the future.  If you look at a lot of the Fitness Weekenders that we present on, you will see that most of us teach our level 3 classes, but also on the same timetable will also offer a session that level 1 participants can get their groove on to.  And the true presenter will have the same passion for both types of session!

Education is something that I have placed an increasing importance to as I have had more experience. I do believe that we are in a very important position in the fact that instructors come to our workshops and masterclasses to learn new ideas, concepts, teaching skills, and general tips on how to be a better instructor.  I feel it is our duty to fulfil this role by attempting to stay ahead of the game and keep up to date with the latest research and teaching methods so that we can filter this information down in as user friendly, fun, entertaining ay as possible.

Education and Self Development I feel go hand in hand.  As a presenter I am continually trying to develop my teaching skills, improving my breakdown methods, continually assessing my methods of delivering workshops, all in an attempt to ensure my sessions are as professional as they can be. The industry is moving at such a fast pace that it is now really important to keep on top of your game.

Networking is a posh term for being approachable to fellow presenters, but also to participants that take part in my sessions.  I started in the world of conventions, by taking tickets and controlling the sound for presenters during their masterclasses.  So it continually amazes me that people should want to come to my sessions, take down choreography notes, and generally be interested in what I have to say.  So it is important to speak to hease people after sessions and during the evening to let people know that we just regular people. I am sure that you have seen many of us “networking” into the early hours of many conventions (mentioning no names Mr Watson!!)

Having good teaching skills is a must for me.  Above all else when instructors come to my classes, as well as taking away the choreography, I want them to take notice of the teaching skills which will help them in their own classes.  It is a passion of mine as I believe if you have the teaching skills, you can teach almost anything.

So as you can see Presenting, and being called a presenter means a lot to me, and covers a lot of areas.  I have seen many wonderful presenters that have encompassed all of the above and a whole lot more, but to me the aspects that I have listed are the most important.

If you do not have aspirations to become a presenter, I hope that you will see that the qualities listed can transfer to gym and health club instructing as well, especially as there are so many programs out there, teaching is definitely more than being in front of a class and doing your thing.

Whatever path you choose, I look forward to seeing you at a Fitness event soon for a good spot of “networking!”

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  • Deb Conn

    I completely agree that you have to make a program your own. You need to gather resources, learn new things, then put your own unique stamp on them. Thanks for the reminder and I plan to visit your blog regularly!

  • admin

    Thanks for the comment. Hope you visit soon.

  • Erin Blake

    Hi whats the Works team?

  • Erin Blake

    How did you become a presenter?