If You Can’t be The Best Be The First


 I have always been the type of person that had to be different from everyone else. When I was at school when everyone had Pony Quaterback trainers, I had to have Pony Linebacker.  I had to be the first person in my class to have a REAL Pringle jumper, when they first came out!! It was something that I supposed gave me a bit of attention and made me stand out.

This carried through to my business, I was the first to present Ceroc Modern Jive at a convention (that was actually my USP to get me into presenting), I was also the first presenter to have a live slot on Channel 4’s Big Breakfast teaching Streetdance Aerobics, and just recently I organised the first online fitness event.  It was the bomb! 5 of my fitness presenting friends helped out to provide amazing step, aerobic and conditioning classes, which could be downloaded after the event and a DVD could be sent to all attendees.  How’s that for being different.

Think of Gin Miller, who was the first to use the step as an aerobic training tool. Do you think she has been successful with her “invention”??

So why am I saying all this?  Well believe it or not, it is not to boast (honestly), but to say that there are huge advantages to being the first at something.  You get immediate exposure and buzz because people want to know more about this new concept/class.

Also it means that you do not have to be the best, to stand out from the crowd.  Since I was on the big breakfast there have been some phenomenal dancers and dance teachers with their own slots on shows, and I would not be able to compete with them now.  But being the first opened up a lot of doors that benefited me personally and from a business point of view.

So how can you be the first at something?  Well you can immediately do a couple of things.

(1) See what everyone else is doing……and do the opposite! – Eg if, you are looking around and everyone in your local area is teaching pre choreographed classes, a good freestyle class will help you stand out and gain publicity. Another example is if everyone around you is doing highly choreographed classes, then offer a kick ass basic class.

(2) See what is happening in another field and then adapt it to group exercise.  For example my online event came about because an Internet Marketer held an online Marketing event which I took part in.  I thought that this was a great idea, so I worked on how I could adapt this for the group exercise world. 

 So look at what some personal trainers, marketers, or other business people are doing and see if you can adapt this for your needs. You can get ideas and motivation for doing this by joining groups on Facebook and Linkedin and seeing what is happening elsewhere.

By looking at just those two things you will be amazed at the ideas that you can come up with that will enable you to be the first in your area, or nationally that will help you stand out from the crowd.




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