What moves work best with each other?

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When making up routines you can make your life a lot easier for yourself if you know which moves work best together.

No matter if you are a seasoned instructor or a beginner there is always a situation when you are caught in a move where you know that unless you march, tap or trip up you are not going to get to your next movement in a smooth fashion.

One of the easiest ways to rectify this is to know which moves easily transition into others.  This can be best described in the following diagram;


As you can see movements such as neutral moves, where both feet are on the floor, and any moves that come from marches, such as v steps, mambos etc can flow into any other movement with relative ease. 


The problem arises when you try to go from a step touch movement, such as step knee or leg curl (where you step your foot on the floor on count 1), to a lift step movement, such as knee lift (where you lift the knee on count 1)!

What you need to do is add a movement which flows from a step touch movement first, such as march/v step/ mambo/ pivot turn, and then go into your lift step move.

Using the above chart will save you hours of time in working this out, as well as hours of frustration!

To download the above chart to your computer, please click here.

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