Dave Stauffer Cardio Conditioning

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USA Aerobic Champion and International Presenter Dave Stauffer, gives you loads of user friendly ideas of combining cardio work, together with bodyweight conditioning, to create a great workout that you can give to your clients.  Check out some ideas now!

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      it just awesome… interesting video.. i like it…
     carry on

  • http://blog.lifespanfitness.com.au/ Lifespan Fitness

    Basic aerobatic exercises are great for losing weight, I’ve found treadmills to be fantastic to replace the dangers of running outside on unstable surfaces as well!


  • http://www.cheshirefitness.co.uk jason_personal_trainer

    Great workout, we use a 14 day body blast, why not try it out!

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    Must say I was impressed by this.

  • Salman Salik

    Must say I was impressed by this.


  • Nayeema

    Great video. This types of exercises are beneficial for our physical health.