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Classes for fat loss is a bit of a hot topic at the moment within the fitness industry. I had the pleasure of covering some classes last week.  I say pleasure because I have not taught a regular class for a number of years and I actually enjoyed being in the studio format.  But it was during a conditioning class that I had a particular thought.  Do we, as group exercise instructors actually teach classes that get results for our participants?  Do we really provide classes for fat loss, or just to improve cardiovascular fitness?

I ask this because I have had the pleasure of interviewing Dr Jade Teta from Metabolic Effect in the US, who specialises in the hormonal responses to fat loss.  He has developed a group exercise class which aims to stimulate the body to produce the hormones that would create the perfect environment for the body to lose fat.  He feels that these types of classes should contain the following elements;

B –Class participants should be breathless at regular intervals during the class

B – They should experience localised muscular burning during the class

H – Ideally they should be lifting heavy weights during the class

H – All the above would lead to them experiencing heat (sweating).

I will give you a link a to the full interview which explains all of this in detail at the end of this article, but if you are like me certain things immediately spring to mind. 

For me it seems that we as group exercise instructors have to start making the distinction between classes which get our members fitter, versus classes for fat loss.  Once we do this, we can provide a better service, get better results, and ultimately get more people to our classes.


So back to my studio, covering a body conditioning class.  After introducing myself I thought I would ask them why they were there and the type of stuff they were using to doing. All of them said they were there to lose weight/fat, so I decided to put the above principles into practice.  This is  part of the class that that I taught;


After a bodyweight warm up (squats, push ups, lunges and spidermen) I did a series of compound sets, followed by pulse raising activities after each compound set. ie

 Compound Set 1


(1)Single legged deadlifts

(2)Press Up with Rows

(3)Plank walk up


Perform these exercises one after the other 3 times, then perform Squat jumps for a minute (hold at the bottom for 3 counts, jump up on 4)


Compound Set 2


(1)Inline Skaters power lunge

(2)Squats with Stick ups

(3) Spidermen


Perform these exercises one after the other 3 times, then perform windmill lunges for a minute


As you can see these exercises are big movements for the whole body, which work the intended muscles but also gets the heart rate up, creates localised burning (if you play around with tempo), definitely creates heat, and by incorporating power movements, adds the element of heavy lifting in it as well, which is pretty cool as I just did bodyweight exercises.

This was definitely a shock to the classes system!  They could not believe that they could work so hard using just their bodyweight, and that they only spent 5 minutes laying down!

If we as group exercise instructors are going to keep up with other areas of fitness then we need to keep up to date with what is actually working.  Yes there is of course a place for freestyle choreography, which I love, if it is well taught of course, and I will still present it internationally.  But we need to be realistic and appreciate that it is great for improving cardio vascular fitness and health BUT there may be more effective classes for fat loss.

To listen to the interview with Jade Teta just click here.  Have a pen and paper ready because this guy really knows his stuff!




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  • Losing Stomach Fat

    Really interesting interview, he does seem to know a lot about fat loss.

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    I’ve been doing 4HB for almost 3 wks and have lost 7 pounds.
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    the harder it is to lose, so 7 pounds is a lot for me! I have just started
    working out this week so hopefully the last 7 will come off as easily as the
    first did. I never did it before only with Quick exercise it is possible,

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