The New ME Diet and Training

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The New ME Diet is an approach created by Jade Teta from Metabolic Effect.  I whole heartedly believe in the New ME Diet and the training principles attached to it as it paves a way forward for group exercise instructors to actually get our clients to achieve results.  Please watch the first part of this informative lecture about hormonal fat loss

Here is a sample of the type of training that accompanies this approach.  As you see it is kick ass, no choreography and intense! I love it!!

I strongly recommend that you invest in the New ME Diet Book so that you get a greater understanding of the concepts that Jade talks about.  If you want to make a difference to your clients then this is DEFINATELY for you.  You can get your New ME diet book here

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  • Jillybean

    Bring it on!!!!!! Roll on Feb 19th – I am soooo excited!

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    Very nice publicity for the book and lifestyle! Reading diet books will really help people to keep motivated.

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    Very nice publicity for the book and lifestyle! Reading diet books will absolutely advice bodies to accumulate motivated. 

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    Jade always had good training programs, definitely worth following here advises. 🙂

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    Diet and training , its  common and we can find everywhere about these, diet is necessary and as long as training too. If we only rely on  diet this is not enough so this is because training is necessary for an hour or more. increase stamina ,strength, reduce weight and belly fat.

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    A good diet and exercise benefits everyone.
    also best lecture about  hormonal fat loss, diet and training both are best for 
    healthy body .
    but keep moderation because moderation is best way in every field.

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    Diet is a key to start weight gaining or losing. You should know what you are eating and which food is food for what purpose. I really like the videos as they were full of information and have nice explanation to convince people. 

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    Exercise to live, exercise to work, exercise to earn and exercise to make your life healthy. Health is wealth, we all know the importance of health and fitness, but we show lack of interest in this field, if we spread more health awareness among people then we won’t be sick and have many serious diseases and disorders.