Fat Loss Nutrition With Jade Teta

This is an amazing interivew with the one and only Jade Teta.  You will learn the vital difference between nutrition for athletic performance and nutrition for fat loss.

In this interview you will learn answers to the following questions;

(1) Why it is Glycogen important for athletes and fat loss seekers?

(2) What are the different macronutrients related to performance and fat loss.  What should we be doing with fat, protein and carbohydrates.

(3) What is  the carbohydrate tipping point for fat loss and what is the importance of finding our own fat loss formula

(4) What should we be eating before workouts, after workouts or during workouts.

(5) What about carbohydrate or calorie cycling. Is this effective and how does it work?

(6) Are carb and electrolyte beverages useful for fat loss?  Do these work

…….And loads more

To listen to 50 minutes of pure content, then just click the image, or link below



If you want to download this interview for FREE then please click here.

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  • Joel

    Great segment on carbohydrates! People really need more information on this subject. Thanks for putting it out there.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the comment and good luck with your website too!