Paul Mort Bootcamp Secrets

Paul Mort is known as the Boot Camp King.  he has built a successful business in the North of England and has toured the UK sharing his strategies to personal trainers and group exercise instructors.

This is an amazing 34 minutes of pure information that Paul shares with you that will allow anyone to create a successful bootcamp business so that you are earning more money for less work!

In this BootCamp Secrets interview you will find out

1. The difference between a bootcamp business and outdoor circuit classes

2. Why so many bootcamp businesses fail

3. What 3 key components EVERY successful bootcamp should have

4. How to start a bootcamp from scratch and get it full, spending NO MONEY ON MARKETING

5.  How adopting the Velvet Rope Philosophy, guarantees a higher quality, of motivated clients that will stay longer in your business

6. What the 5 key Bootcamp mistakes are and how to make sure that you avoid them.

Make sure you take notes as this really is amazing stuff.  To listen to the interview, either click the image, or the link below.



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