Katie Bulmer Moving From Studio Instrucotr To Owning Your Own Fitness Business

Katie Bulmer has successfully made the transition from studio instructor to owning a very successful fitness business.

Katie is Sunderland’s leading personal trainer and the UK’s ‘go to girl’ helping REALLY busy women get their bodies back, specialising in fat loss and pre and post natal training. Katie is in the business of results and is one of only a handful of trainers in the country to offer a full money back guarantee. Katie has helped literally hundreds of REAL women DRAMATICALLY change the shape of their bodies! As a pre natal specialist Katie has helped over 50 women exercise through their pregnancy!

In this interview Katie reveals the steps that she took to make the transition, why most instructors are afraid of making this transition, and how to do this easily and effectively while adding different income streams to your business.

This is a great interview and you will learn loads from it.  To listen to it just press play.


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