Charlotte Ord – IFS Personal Trainer Of The Year

This is an exclusive interview with IFS Personal Trainer of The Year Charlotte Ord
Charlotte earned her honours degree in Psychology & Sociology at the University of Surrey and is a certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and advanced kettlebell trainer.  She was named Personal Trainer of the Year 2010 at the International Fitness Showcase Awards and she presents her own fitness and fat loss show on the Active Channel, Sky 281.  She has also featured in a number of leading health and fitness publications including Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Triathlete’s World.
In this exclusive interview Charlotte reveals
How she has managed to get so much media attention and how you can do so too.
  1. How you can create your own core values and how this is really important for developing your business
  2. What makes her company stand out from the others in a competitve area.
  3. 3 tips that you can take away and use today to improve your group exercise and personal training business
To listen to this interview click the play button below

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