Kettlebell Training Words Of Caution

Kettlebell training seems to be all the rage at the moment, with various infomercials, programs on the TV and different tours, shouting out the benefits of using this piece of equipment.

This is a controversial interview with UK Presenter Cherry Baker, who questions whether Kettlebell training is for everyone, and does it do exactly what it says on the tin!

This is a great, insightful interview, and if you are interested in furthering your fitness education, and are prepared to look at both sides of an argument then click the play button below.

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  • Beate

    I really enjoy Kettlebell Training but fully understand where Cherry is coming from. I teach Kettlebells to my class members who have been doing my classes for some time (years in some instances) and have already perfected the form of squats and lunges and are therefore very capable in using Kettlebells correctly with instruction. I would not recommend this kind of training for a complete novice but would instruct new people in the exercises without the equipment first. Thanks for a very interesting interview.

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for taking the time to post such an extensive reply and I am glad that you enjoyed the interview.


  • Coach Chris

    I can’t hear it? It says it is no longer available.

  • admin

    Ok Chris, I will try to fix the porblem. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  • Tina O

    My son who is 22 takes part in cross fit, and likes to correct my squat, because he do not hip hinge, thanks for sharing, I will now play this to him, glutes are well important for the back, nice one Cherry.

  • Louise

    What a really interesting interview – thank you 🙂
    I’ve been teaching a pre- choreographed programme for a number of years now & so frequently see poor squatting technique exacerbated with using heavy weights. Really frustrating as I think there’s a place for a more coaching approach to get people performing a basic squat correctly before using any weight – may just trust my instincts & try something different with my group tomorrow!

  • Pete

    Whilst Cherry is correct that movement patterns need to be addressed before adding load, she is showing her lack of knowledge by constantly referring to the squat pattern. The movement pattern required for effective kettlebell training is the hinge, not squat. I hope she sought out proper instruction her self. I would recommend the RKC or SFG certification.

  • M,C Alexis

    Core, movement mechanics,muscle balance,coordination then kettle bell can follow along with other fitness tools,,it will find its place.