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This interview is about flexibar and xco training with International Presenter Steve Schiemer. Australian born and bread Steve has over 20 years teaching experience, almost 10 of those as a Presenter. He has established himself as one of the premiere male presenters on the world wide circuit.

He has built a reputation based on impeccable teaching skills and creative choreography, be it a session on Step, Aerobics, Martial Arts, or Stretch. Combined with his magnetic personality, it is easy to see why he is in such constant demand. Having presented in almost 36 countries world wide, Steve’s skills enable him to transcend language barriers and communicate through his work ,educating over 350000 instructors!!

Apart from setting the stage on fire when he presents, Steve is also the Star of over 15 Fitness videos. He is the star and co-producer of Australia’s highest selling consumer fitness video, Aussie Fit, and has starred in more than a dozen top selling instructor training videos. So what is included in this interview?

How Group Exercise Has Changed And What You Must Do To Survive

In this interview Steve reveals how the group exercise phenomena has changed throughout the time he has been in the industry, and how he sees it progressing in the future.  He also gives 3 tips that you can take away today to become a more effective, profitable instructor. 

Flexi-bar And Xco Training

He then talks about the Flexibar training tool, why it is so effective, and you you as an instructor need to be delivering this type of class.  Finally he explains why the xco trainer is the next great conditioning tool, how it works, and how YOU can incorporate it into your current classes.

This is a brilliant interview and you will learn loads from it.  To listen to it just press play below.


To find out more about Steve, or Flexi-bar, visit http://www.flexi-bar.co.uk/ and for the Xco trainer visit http://www.xco-trainer.co.uk/


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  • Mike Schiemer

    As another Schiemer in the Fitness Industry, Steve Schiemer is a hero of mine and one of the best group exercise instructors I’ve seen. He is a master of his craft!

  • http://fitnesstrainingdownloads.com admin

    Yep he certainly is Mike. Thanks for posting a comment