Fitness Ballet

This is a great interview with Ellie Burns, instructor and trainer for the all new training program that is sweeping the country called Fitness Ballet. It is gathering loads of media attention, for example in the national newspapers

If you have not seen this concept before then here is a sneak preview.


For those of you that love to teach dance fitness then this could be the perfect class to give you that extra string to your bow, and set you apart from your local competitors.

In this interview you will find out, more about Fitness Ballet, whether you need to have dance experience to teach it, how you can get trained, and what the training consists of.

You will definately have a clearer picture of the phenomenon that is Fitness Ballet and how it can help you!

To listen to this awesome interview with Ellie about Fitness Ballet, press play below




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  • Kat

    Hi, I am really interested in training to be an instructor. I am already training to teach ballet. I cannot get hold of anyone from Fitness Ballet on the Facebook page or the website (which is not working). Can someone please let me know if the training is still available? Thank you!
    Kat Pilkington