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More and more research is showing how dynamic flexibility exercises are important for the body. 

Dynamic flexibility exercises use muscle movement to increase your range of motion. Typically these exercises – examples include leg and arm swings, side bends, toe touches – are initially performed at low to moderate speeds, with a controlled motion. Gradually, over time you will be able to increase your range of movement, extend further, and increase speed.

These dynamic flexibility exercises will aide in short-term flexibility gains through stimulation of the Golgi tendon organs, which are hidden deep in the tendons of the muscle and measure muscle tension to protect it from injury. These organs are likely to over react if not appropriately conditioned and prepared for activity. For example, the knee accelerates forward during running and the muscle tension increases rapidly. The Golgi tendon organ can stimulate a protective/reflexive muscle contraction at the time of rapid stretch/acceleration, this mechanism has been theorized to be the cause of a muscular strain. Dynamic flexibility exercises have a dampening effect on this Golgi tendon complex, making them less reactive during normal activity levels, and without decreasing strength as seen with static stretching.

Dynamic flexibility exercises increase muscular flexibility for the short-term through the neuromuscular system and potentially reduce injury through decreasing reflexive muscle contractions. 

The issue has always been how to introduce dynamic flexibility exercises into group exercise classes.

Well these 2 exercise formats show you how you can do this easily and effectively. The first is with Julio Papi as he teaches a Powerstretch and the second is Vladimir Snezhik peforming his Port De Bras concept.  Feel free to use these routines however you see fit.

Dynamic Flexibility Exercises with Powerstretch

Dynamic Flexibility Exercises with Port De Bras

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    As a trainer, I love learning more ways to incorporate flexibility training into both my individual and group sessions. 

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    I always like to search new kind of exercises for flexibility and now i found many new ideas and information about these exercises. This post is superb and i have learnt lot of new flexibility exercises. I will keep this information in my mind.

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    It must be made necessary for the youth.The flexible and active body makes you energetic for the rest of your life.